Apartamento Vilem is a part of the Residence Costa Calma Sun in the Costa Calma town. Costa Calma is the third biggest town on the island. It belongs to the eastern part of a peninsula Jandía, a southern part of an island Fuerteventura.

Fuerteventura is the second biggest island of the Canary Islands in Atlantic Ocean, and politically part of Spain.

Only one airport can be found at Fuerteventura. It is situated on the southern part of the island, and it is called Aeropuerto de Fuerteventura. You can also come across "El Matorral", which is another way of calling this airport. El Matorral is about 5 km south-west of the capital Puerto del Rosario.

The airport is about 63 km far from the Apartamento Vilem. After your arrival, you can use the service of our private car, Taxi or a bus.

The Costa Calma town lies on an isthmus (it is only 4 km from the west coast to the east coast). The area was originally called Cañada del Río and it was only a small village. Nowadays you can hardly recognize the historical remains of the village due to the new housebuilding.

Costa Calma literally means "quiet coast", which gives you an amazing opportunity to enjoy yourself on a holiday at the seaside. It is beautiful and perfectly designed for a holiday where you can find harmony between nice architecture and nature.

Beautiful long beaches offer enough privacy for everybody. They are perfect for morning run as well as never-ending night walks.